What will YOU celebrate? at Disney’s EPCOT

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A festive “celebrate” banner helps to frame a scenic view of Disney’s EPCOT theme park. That’s “Japan” in the distance.

Are you going to Walt Disney World this year? I’m going in 16 more sleeps! Meeting my brother and sister-in-law there for his birthday/their anniversary. How many sleeps left for you? And when you get there – what will YOU celebrate?

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17 thoughts on “What will YOU celebrate? at Disney’s EPCOT”

  1. Great shot across the water. No trip to Disney for us this year. I love Epcot, but the Animal Kingdom is my favorite. Have fun!

  2. Your photos bring back an awful memory . (Not your fault!) We had all our tickets, passports the lot stolen the day we were going to Epcot! The view of the lake brings back the trauma!

  3. I’m wishing upon a star…..LOVE Disney! I think it’ll be another year or two for us, though. Got my sweetie talked into hitting the beach in March. Gonna leave the snow behind for a week and FINALLY see Sanibel after all these years of dreaming. Hope you have another amazing Disney adventure!

  4. I have only been to Epcot once. My husband has never been to Disney World. We must plan a vacation there. We usually camp or cruise.

  5. Hi Tink
    I love visiting Epcot! We haven’t been in awhile, but I watched the fireworks from my hotel balcony a few months ago. There is so much to do and see at the Disney parks. I look forward to sharing it with my grandkids one day. My first visit to the Magic Kingdom was almost 40 years ago…the year Disney World opened.It was a grand time…and it still is!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  6. I’ve still got a bum foot and knee from falling at the beginning of the summer. So I think I’ll let you healthier folks enjoy the fun. And I’ll just watch from the sidelines!

  7. I love that photo, Tink. No Epcot for us this year, but I’ll be waiting for your pictures. Have a great time. Mary

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  9. I love Disney world and would love to celebrate going to Dinsey World. But we also have other plans this year. Your photo is pretty.

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