Where in “The World” are we?

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Jagged, snowy peak
Rocky Mountains or Swiss Alps?
Maybe the Andes…


None of the above – it’s Expedition Everest!
Photo taken at Disney’s Animal Kindom

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11 thoughts on “Where in “The World” are we?”

  1. Still it looks real, the wispy mountain growth underneath the large peak and even grander wide sky. I like illusions, the first picture looking so much as if we in the Alpine land. The perspective is what does it, and I was fooled at first glance. The artist at work! The mountain makes the Center of the Sunshine State lose about 20 degrees of heat, BTW…

  2. Is that a new ride? I don’t remember it from kazillion years ago when we were there.. disney world right?? Course I was pregnant and who goes there pregnant I ask??? !

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