A genuine Disney mystery!

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One of the “lands” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Camp Minnie Mickey. There isn’t a whole lot that goes on there these days, now that the live animal show with Pocahontashas been discontinued. At this point, the only reason to go to Camp Minnie Mickey, really, is to see Festival of the Lion King, a Broadway-quality musical review of songs from The Lion King movies. Look to the sides of the path that leads to the theater and you will find many of the beloved classic Disney characters engaged in a variety of outdoor leisure activities. Let’s see who I found there during my most recent trip to Walt Disney World!

102320091306-WDW-DAK-Donald-Duck-Fishing🙂 Looks like Donald has made quite a catch today, but I’m not sure that particular item will taste very good breaded and fried! Normally, Donald wears a sailor hat, but today he’s wearing the type of hat you can pin lures to, so you don’t lose them. Donald’s bill and feet are yellow, and his jacket is blue – but you will note that Donald Duck wears no pants!

This is really sort of odd. Of all the classic Disney characters, the only one who is not anthropomorphic is Pluto. That’s because he’s actually supposed to be Mickey’s pet, so he is not typically represented with any human characteristics. So, aside from Pluto, all the other classic characters wear clothing, like humans do. But Donald is the odd man out – he is NAKEY from the waist down! Apparently, this is one of the great mysteries of Disney – even the Disney company itself does not seem to know WHY Donald wears no pants.

So… why do YOU think Donald wears no pants?
Hoping for some really creative responses!

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12 thoughts on “A genuine Disney mystery!”

  1. Because ducks (and chickens) have hidden genitalia. His feathers cover his tucked in duck bidness …

  2. I think it’s so he can show of his cute little curly tail feather off!

    Or it might be a rebellion thing against Mickey Mouse since he wears no shirt Donald was going to do him one better and wear no pants! =0)

  3. It’s a butt feather thing. Male ducks are very showy. They are very colorful and their tail feathers curl. Curling tail feathers would not work in pants hence Daffy Duck does not wear pants either. Girl ducks do not have curling tail feathers therefore they could wear pants (if they wanted), but they look better in dresses.

  4. Hmm, all very interesting answers. I think Alicia might be on to something with that competition with Mickey thing. I hadn’t thought of that before. Could very well be that Donald is jealous of Mickey and wants more attention for himself!

    Gayle, I never realized that the male duck’s feathers curl – I’ll have to start noticing that next time I watch the ducks in the pond out back.


  5. Simple, Tink: Donald wears no pants so that we can appreciate his white, fluffy feathers!

    I’ve seen The Lion King on stage at the Broward Theater of the Performing Arts. It was well worth the price of the tickets. Have a Happy Blue Monday.

  6. We needed to be able to see his tail and he’s so small that pants would cut him in thirds. Perhaps we could petition for a g-string :-). Have a great Blue Monday.

  7. What a fun dilemma. I think he wears no pants because his tail and body presents a dressing problem. Disney gave up the idea because no one thought of how to make pants for a ducks behind. Laughing. Love your post.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  8. Did he ever wear pants? I think not. Love the fly fishing hat. And I ADORE Donald Duck.
    I want to go to Disney WAAAAAAAA
    Happy Blue Monday Tink
    Love Claudie

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