R.I.P., EPCOT “Lights of Winter”

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IMG_3674-WDW-EPCOT-Lights-of-WinterThis year, Walt Disney World has decided to discontinue their famous “Lights of Winter” display at EPCOT, no doubt disappointing many thousands of fans who were counting on a visit to this display as being one of the highlights of their holiday trip.

The official reason that Disney has given for discontinuing this tradition is that the technology used is obsolete, and also that the display isn’t very “green”. Both of those are valid reasons, but I don’t for a minute believe that either was THE reason the decision was made. Of course, it must be all about the Benjamins. They must be saving a staggering amount in kilowatt hours and therefore money, by shutting down the display. As with every big corporation, decisions like this and the closure of Pleasure Island are ultimately about what is no longer profitable.

I feel pretty lucky that I went to MouseFest near Christmas time in 2006 with some of my Disney internet freak friends (waves *Hi!* to the Disney internet freaks, hopes they wave back 🙂 ). I was able to get a few photographs of the “Lights of Winter”, which didn’t turn out bad, considering I didn’t know any more then than I do now about what all those buttons are for on my camera. Enjoy!







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7 thoughts on “R.I.P., EPCOT “Lights of Winter””

  1. The magic seems so much less – Disney was always known for their fantasy and magic. Alas a s publicly held corporation, the profit/loss matters. You’d think that Disney could meld the style and value issues into a profitable venture while making visitors happy. I may be a bit naive…

  2. Great photos. After 2006, it seemed like they did a little less each year for Christmas. Sad that the lights are no more. I loved to watch and listen to the “show”. I hope they don’t phase out The Spectacle of Lights at DHS, now that would be a real shame. I can’t imagine the extra electric used for that each year!!!!

  3. I’m sorry I never saw those. They looked beautiful. I wonder if part of the reason is because of the Osborne Family lights in Hollywood Studios?

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