Fantasy living spaces at Walt Disney World – the O, Canada! castle

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Canada’s “castle”
What’s inside? I often wonder
Could someone live there?

There’s a suite upstairs in Cinderella’s Castle at the Magic Kingdom now. Every so often, you hear about someone winning a night in the suite; eventually, I guess Disney will open it up for regular stay bookings (although, I don’t know how that would work if you decided to go out at night and return after the park is closed).

Recently, Disney allowed one lucky family to stay overnight at the Haunted Mansion, also in the Magic Kingdom. Can you imagine staying overnight there? I wonder if Disney arranged for things to “go bump” while the family was there? You know, make it extra spooky… heh heh heh!

So, how much longer before other buildings in other parks are selected as overnight treats or else actual, regularly offered accommodations? The first place I thought of was the “castle” in EPCOT’s O, Canada! pavilion. I’ve written about it before – see That “other” Disney castle. It is, after all, modeled after a hotel, the ChΓ’teau Laurier in Ottowa. However, like any other Disney building, it was architected using forced perspective, so the apparent 6 stories are really probably only 3 or 4. Cinderella’s Castle had to be similarly challenged; I bet what looks like two stories on the outside is really only one story on the inside.

Anyhow, I think I would like to stay in Disney World’s “other” castle overnight. And sneak out into the darkness in the dead of night so I can make a raid on the pretzel bread they serve in the Le Cellier Steakhouse nearby! πŸ˜€

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8 thoughts on “Fantasy living spaces at Walt Disney World – the O, Canada! castle”

  1. Hey, grab me a pretzel while you’re out…and a diet Dr Pepper, please. Thanks. πŸ˜‰

    Great shot. It’s beautiful. I’ve seen Cindy’s castle, but never this one. It’s beautiful!!!

    Thanks (as always) for linking up at LASTSOF!


  2. The look of cold Ottawa in sunny and warm Florida. It would seem a dichotomy, but the wonderful sky shows off the forms of the towers and turrets of the classic North American ‘castle’. A nice capture of the Great White North …

  3. Great photo. I don’t know which I like best, the architecture of the building or the contrast of the building with the sky. Well done.

  4. I’ve wondered the same thing about the Canada castle. As for the haunted mansion people, the guy did live blogging of the event. Disney added all sorts of creepy extras and bumps in the night.

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