Sugar-frosted reflection at the Magic Kingdom

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The story goes like this – Cinderella decided that for Christmas, she wanted her home to look just as sparkly and beautiful as her glass slipper. And before you can say “Bibbidi bobbidi boo!”, the deed is done. Here we see all that glistening goodness reflected in the moat – if only the bridge was located 20 feet back, we could get the whole castle in the shot! But it’s not, so this will have to do. Happy Hump Day, everyone!

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14 thoughts on “Sugar-frosted reflection at the Magic Kingdom”

  1. How weird, my son sent me this very same text message pic last Saturday night. He is a college student in L.A. and went to Disneyland on the weekend. It must be fantastic to see in person. –Delores

  2. One day I can visit Disneyland and want to see that castle. Great shot my dear. Happy watery Wednesday.

  3. I can just imagine what a child thinks when they see this awesome vision. Oh my goodness. I can barely take it all in. They must just go crazy. Really a magical experience.

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