“Chinese Princess Minnie” – ???

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121220091843-Disney-Minnie-Chinese-red🙂 Night was falling on the Magic Kingdom, and I was browsing in the Art of Disney store on Main Street USA, amusing myself until it was time to take up a position for the fireworks. I came upon this odd statue of Minnie Mouse. I’m not sure who she’s supposed to be dressed like, but it seemed to me she’s supposed to be some sort of Chinese princess.

If anyone knows what this “Chinese Princess Minnie” is all about, please enlighten me!

The style felt very familiar to me, and it wasn’t until I’d been home several weeks and was staring at this photo that I realized why she felt familiar. Here’s a little collections of photos I’ve taken of what the style of this statue reminds me of – the Chinese Theater at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!






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7 thoughts on ““Chinese Princess Minnie” – ???”

  1. Minnie deserves a change in style occasionally, and the princess dress is a nice look. Considering for so long how her dressing up was merely a flower in her hat. That was a bit dowdy, so Minnie gets a flashier style today – and she deserves it!

  2. Can’t enlighten you on the style…but boy howdy, I loved all this….and I like how you ‘opened’ your blog entry with such a literary style!

    My Ruby Tuesday is posted HERE –scroll down below the Heads or Tails Meme to find it tho!

    Happy day to you.

  3. That’s actually Queen Amidala Minnie, not a chinese princess. It’s in the area of the shop where they have all of the characters dressed up as movie characters 🙂

  4. ah, Thanks Lindsay – no wonder I didn’t know who she was. I’ve never seen the Star Wars episode that featured Queen Amidala! Bu I do still think that with those colors, she’d be right at home displayed somewhere at the Chinese theater 🙂

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