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In honor of the upcoming Chinese New Year, which falls on Valentine’s Day this year, I’ve decided to continue covering the Chinese zodiac, as photographed at EPCOT during the International Flower and Garden Festival one year. To see the original post in this series, click here and read “Red for luck and love at Disney”.

IMG_4296First up today is the dragon. According to, the dragon is the “mightiest” of all the Chinese zodiac signs. Dragons are dominant, ambitious and prefer to lead. If you are a dragon, you’ve got passion and courage and a wee bit of a temper 😉 You also love your independence, but you are not impervious to falling in love provided you find someone engaging enough for you – and once in love, you tend to stay there. Dragons are best paired with Monkeys and Rats, but will not do well with the Ox or the Goat. Hey, Rat – that’s ME! Hmmm, I wonder if I actually know any dragons….

IMG_4294EEEK, it’s a SNAKE! Well that’s what I would say if I found one in my garage or on my lanai… notice I do not say “in my house”, as I have no wish to tempt the gods 😉 Snakes are very intelligent and analytical; this makes them good at plotting and scheming. They are also very materialistic and enjoy luxury surroundings, so I’m guessing that part of all that plotting and scheming is to obtain the fine things they want. At work, they are creative and diligent but can become easily bored and therefore tend to job-hop. In relationships, the Snake is characterized as an attractive and expert seducer – why am I not surprised, given the Biblical story about the snake in the garden! They are a bit possessive and jealous of their mates. Don’t make the Snake cross, as they are big lovers of revenge. Snakes get on well with the Rooster and the Ox, but with Pigs and Monkeys – not so much!

IMG_4293Last one for today – it’s the Horse, and I actually like this particular statue best because of the awesome detailing that went into making the saddle. The Horse possesses many attributes that please – he’s energetic, outgoing, humorous and loves to be the center of attention and have a good time. Athletic and intelligent, they are also a little bit on the “ADD” side, starting many projects at once but not necessarily finishing before pursuing the next thing. The Horse enjoys interaction, and does well in careers where they deal with people on a regular basis. Horses are spontaneous in relationships, throwing themselves completely in, often leaving a little chunk of themselves behind when it ends. That must be completely exhausting! Horses can successfully partner with Dogs and Tigers but should not try it with a Monkey or a Rat.

Wow, no wonder why it never works with the “fun” guys :p

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    I love your critter posts and the Chinese Zodiac is one of my favorite themes! These are great. Looking forward to the others!

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