Red for luck and love at Disney

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IMG_4281 In Chinese culture, the color red is symbolic of luck, happiness and high energy (fire, in Chinese metaphysics). I don’t know if Mary “The Teach” at Work Of The Poet knew it when she launched her Ruby Tuesday meme, but she has given us a weekly opportunity to immerse ourselves in the positive energy of red. Thanks, Mary 🙂

IMG_4314 The Chinese New Year is coming up. Can you believe it? This year, Chinese New Year falls on the same day as a Western holiday that is also associated with the color red – February 14th, Valentine’s Day! I have the feeling Valentine’s Day will be amazing this year. Imagine the influence that the luck, happiness and fire of the Chinese New Year could have on the love of Valentine’s Day. It truly boggles the mind!

In 2007 at Walt Disney World, I came upon these effigies of the 12 animals represented in the Chinese zodiac. They are a kind of a 3-D decoupage, with decorative patterns constructed of small seeds, nuts and beans glued to them. The animals are arranged beautifully on red pedestals scattered around the pond at the Chinese pavilion in EPCOT. 2007 was the Year of the Pig, which is the final year in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac.

IMG_4285 The first year in the Chinese zodiac cycle is the Year of the Rat. I was born in a Rat year, which I have known since about 7th grade, when Benji Gong who lived around the corner from us informed me of such. For all of these years, I never knew what a terrible thing it is to be born in the Year of the Rat. There’s a fable about how the Zodiac came about. The animals could not decide who should go first in the cycle. So God said there was to be a race to the other side of the river, and whatever place you got in the race, that’s the place you would get in the cycle.

IMG_1134So the animals all ran down to the river and raced to see who could get across first, but unbeknownst to anyone, the rat hitched a ride across by climbing on the back of the ox. Just as the ox was going to beat everyone to the other side of the river first, the rat suddenly leaped off his back and landed there first. That was sort of crafty and sneaky and rat-like of him, don’t you think? I don’t think I like being born in the Year of the Rat!


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9 thoughts on “Red for luck and love at Disney”

  1. That’s a very interesting story about the rat. I wouldn’t think it was sneaky or bad, but instead he was the most intelligent of them all as he was thinking out side of the box.

    I like red so maybe it will bring me luck.

  2. Patti and I are going to a Chinese New Year at the finest sit-down Chinese restaurant in the area, and it will be exciting. I like the Disney artistry in their take of their calendar. I really like the Rat, the ruby detailing so nice!

  3. Tink, I love these Chinese Zodiac animals! Happy Ruby Tuesday! I’m sorry I didn’t get to This Way Thursday – Way last week (had a medical procedure done. All is well now) Will do TWTW this week… 🙂

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