Chinese Zodiac: the final chapter!

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We’re in the home stretch with the photos I took of the Chinese zodiac animals at Epcot a couple of years ago. Every time I look at these, all I can think of is how ingenious the person was who thought of it, and how much time and painstaking effort went into the details.


Here’s the dog – he’s so cute, and I love his feet because they look like they might be made of coffee beans.


The rabbit was hiding his face in some leafy foliage when I visited. Rabbits are typically timid, so I’m not really surprised 😉


And now, the star of the show – 2010 is the year of the tiger! I especially like this one because I think it was such a good choice to use dried corn kernels for his fur – just the right shade of golden orange!

This concludes our series about the Chinese zodiac. Kung Hei Fat Choi! And I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day weekend, too <3 Click the photos to see if a larger version is available in Flickr
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13 thoughts on “Chinese Zodiac: the final chapter!”

  1. The dog is a stylish bowser as he is trimmed here. I’d pick him instead of the other canines at the Westminster Kennel show! The rabbit is being safe as he hides from the predators, the better behavior so he can twitch his nose again for another day. The big cat is stunning and true to form. He looks tough – although even at my age, my favorite Disney cat is still the incomparable Tigger :>)

  2. Hi Tink. I am glad they included the LSU Tiger along with the other small beasts. Do you suppose the foliage grew up after the rabbit was placed?
    Happy RT! Thank you for your visit and nice comment. It has been a while. 🙂

  3. Whoever created these animals is indeed ingenious! So much creativity here.

    The dog is cute but I do love that bunny. Ralph and I love bunnies.
    Happy Ruby Tuesday, Tink ~

  4. These animals are simply brilliant! You are right! Someone must have been very very patient to create this! I especially love the cute dog and dramatic tiger!

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