Tales from the Mickey Mouse shopping bag

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020620102287-Mickey-Mouse-shopping-bag🙂 I’ve been trying very hard to remember to bring my own shopping bags with me whenever I go out for groceries and such. It hasn’t been easy – I’m sure there are a few of you out there who are in the same boat. You earnestly went out and bought those cloth-like bags, vowing you would never use plastic ever again. And then you forget all about them until you are at the check out. Oops, they’re on the kitchen counter / hanging on a hook installed on the door from the laundry room to the garage / on the front seat of the car. See? I’ve been there, I know! 😀

Well on Saturday, I actually remembered the bag. It’s a red bag with Mickey Mouse on it – got it at the Disney store a few years back. It just so happened that a few of the things I bought on Saturday were red too, so I decided that this week’s Ruby Tuesday should be all about “Tales form the Mickey Mouse shopping bag”. Here’s some of the stuff that went into it.

020620102289-John-Freida-Shampoo-ConditionerThe biggest surprise of the day was finding my favorite John Frieda shampoo in Walgreens. For months, all I’ve seen on the shelves in any store was the brunette formula and the blonde formula – never the redhead formula! It just mysteriously vanished from the shelves in Target, CVS, Walgreens and any number of other stores. I recently had sort of an emergency with my dwindling supply of this stuff – I had shampoo but was out of conditioner. I actually looked for it on Amazon, and lo and behold, there it was – John Frieda Radiant Red Conditioner. I was so happy to have found it, but equally happy that I found some locally again. Yeah, sometimes it’s just the little things 🙂

020620102286-Wildly-Cherry-MandMsMoving on – also in Walgreens I found these small packets of Wildly Cherry M&Ms near the checkout. I’d tried them before and I loved them, but I am a bit frustrated that they don’t come in a larger bag. Maybe that’s a good thing… I haven’t stopped to calculate how long I have to spend on the treadmill to burn off a pack of these babies, but I am most assuredly better off with the small pack than the big bag! Into the Mickey bag went three little packages of them. I shall hoard them carefully so not as to upset the delicate balance of calories in vs. calories burnt.

020620102282-Saturn-peachesHere we are in my local Publix supermarket, where I encountered the weirdest find of the day. These blushing beauties are called Saturn peaches. I have no idea what possessed someone to breed peaches that are reminiscent of the pushed-in face of a King Charles spaniel, and even less of a clue as to why they are dubbed “Saturn”. They do not look even remotely like Saturn. I find them to be singularly unattractive, and that somehow equates to “not very tasty” in my mind, so I actually passed on purchasing any. However, their ruddy little cheeks provided an irresistable photo opportunity, so I snapped away at them for the blog.

020620102281-Valentine-candy-dragonLast but not least – Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and the stores have been amply stocked since practically the day after Christmas will all sorts of Valentine goodness. Russel Stover has some cute little heart shaped candy boxes this year, with fun images on them. The dragon image attracted me because of my recent foray into the Chinese zodiac (Chinese New Year falls on Valentine’s Day this year). I think I saw these on the shelf in Walgreen’s too, but I was a good girl and didn’t buy any. I’m not really in the mood to tack on any miles to my daily treadmill sentence and in enough trouble already, what with the M&Ms 😉

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4 thoughts on “Tales from the Mickey Mouse shopping bag”

  1. The lovely reds, the mundane or ordinary items like grocery bags looking better than ever in ruby (yes, we forget them too :>)
    Shampoo, peaches and M&Ms – regular things look great in red packaging, we pay attention to these.
    Valentines Day may be artificial as a holiday, but the sentimentalists in us do like the heart motif, February 14 a fun day I enjoy, hearts and all!

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