Towers and tails – a twilight perspective

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A view of the Walt Disney World Dolphin resort from the World Showcase in EPCOT. The dolphin sculptures on top of the resort wave their tails in the air. One is obscured by the Eiffel Tower from the French pavilion. Perspective makes it seem as though the Eiffel Tower stands right alongside the resort.

Here’s the map of the area in question. I think I was standing on the right at “F”, near Norway/China. The French pavilion is just to the left of “Restaurant Marakesh”, and the Walt Disney World Dolphin resort is further left. (NOTE: if you click to view the map larger, you will see Marakesh and the Dolphin labeled)

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12 thoughts on “Towers and tails – a twilight perspective”

  1. Make my day! You done awesome Ms.Tink on this picture. It is both worlds in one. My daughter loves the Eiffel Tower and our favorite place to stay is at the Dolphin.

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