A petulant poser in the Pangani Forest

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A gorilla on the “bachelor” side of the Pangani Forest in Disney’s Animal Kingdom decides to sulk and turns his back to the camera. Guests are instructed not to establish eye contact or gesture towards the male gorillas, as this can upset them. Someone broke the rules, and after a short period of agitated pacing, the gorilla decided to chill out next to the waterfall.

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15 thoughts on “A petulant poser in the Pangani Forest”

  1. Why do people feel the need to torment the poor animal? Is it really that funny? Good for him for turning his back on them. Looks like a peaceful place to sit!

  2. I totally agree, Gayle! As you are going along the trail, there are signs and there are Cast Members telling you NOT to establish eye contact or wave or anything, and yet people persist.

    The sounds of water moving, be it waterfalls or waves, is one of those things that creates a negatively charged environment and is therefore relaxing, peaceful and calm. I’m wondering if the big fella went to sit by the little waterfall on purpose?


  3. What a great shot! Looks like the big fella found a great place to relax and calm down. People can be incredibly ignorant, why on earth would you want to get into a stare down with a gorilla for goodness sake! It’s not going to turn out well for someone!

  4. They can be hard to deal with, but you still got a very good shot of him. Your post today was very fitting and enjoyable.

  5. Poor gorilla. it looks like he just needs some quiet time away from the distressing people – I can sympathize with that.

    Great photo, you capture the scene in his emotions well.

  6. I am not one to hold my tongue. I suppose there would have been some words exchanged and I for one would welcome a stare down with an ignorant person who bothers the animals.

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