Here comes the monorail!

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IMG_1174-WDW-EPCOT-monorail-flowers🙂 I’m a total geek when it comes to trying to take photos of the monorail at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT theme park. The tracks dip enticingly into the park before taking passengers on their merry way, and there are various places to stand around and wait for it to go by so you can get the perfect shot. And I do! Stand around, I mean. I’ve get to get the perfect shot 😉 Here’s one from last year’s Flower and Garden Festival. That’s the Test Track building behind the monorail, and the butterfly tent to the left. Can you see the “hidden” Mickey? I’ll give you a hint – this is Ruby Tuesday, when we post things that are RED. See it now? Good! Can’t wait to get there – 3 more sleeps!

Is there a particular Disney thing that turns YOU into a geek? I’d love to hear about it – consider the “comments” section your confessional 😉


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9 thoughts on “Here comes the monorail!”

  1. LOL Dennis, I knew there was a reason I liked you 😀 We’d better never tour EPCOT together, as we’d present double the obstruction on the paths!

  2. The landscaping is lush and so artfully designed. The flowers are of many hues, the rubies outstanding. The view from the monorail is so unlike the view off I-95 or any other highway, with bramble, weeds and trash. Would we all be able to have our daily commute on the Disney rail…

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