7 thoughts on “Nora Butler coffee mug”

  1. That is so lovely. You just continue to brighten my day. You are the best. This is the perfect gift for my family that all lives far away. They would think of me with one of those coffee cups. They all know I have a deep passion for Sanibel Island. I wish that all your wishes come true.

  2. Aw, thanks Kim! Nora Butler does have a web site, but she only seems to sell prints and postcards and such – no coffee mugs.

    I found that mug in Wilford & Lee, right next door to the Sanibel Cafe.


  3. I have been trying to find this mug to purchase several of them but have not had any luck. Do you know where I could shop for several of this item on-line? I tried the Wilford & Lee that you mentioned above but there is not an option to shop from their site.
    Kind Regards,

  4. Hi Karen –

    Nora Butler has a website where she sells her art but I didn’t see any coffee mugs there. HOWEVER, there’s an announcement indicating she opened a store in Naples, FL and it gives phone numbers. You could try calling them and see if they have the coffee mug.

    If that doesn’t work, send me an email BellTinkR @ gmail dot com and I will work on your problem personally 😉


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