Shopportunity knocks: from whimsical to bizarre

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030620102564-WDW-DTD-Tren-D🙂 My new favorite place for a Disney shopportunity is Tren-D, a new-ish high-end boutique attached to Team Mickey in Downtown Disney. This is where you will find some of the more… um, “interesting” Disney merchandise on property. I’d call the place a mix between “whimisical” and “edgy”. Perhaps that’s why Mickey has that look on his face – he’s a bit stunned, don’t you think? Certainly all the new “Alice” merchandise will fit here nicely.

030620102559-WDW-DTD-splattered-Mickey-MouseHere is one of those “whimsical” things I was talking about. This is a human-sized statue of Mickey Mouse that’s been splatter-painted in bright primary colors. He stands sentinel between Tren-D and Team Mickey, gesturing for us to enter the boutique. Of course he wants us to go in – chances are very good that you will walk out of there sporting a lighter wallet and a high-end purse you didn’t know you needed and never imagined you’d fall in love with

030620102558-WDW-DTD-Tren-D-Cast-Member-DollsThey look like Stepford airline stewardesses but I believe they are actually supposed to represent Disneyland cast members from the early, early days. A single one of these effigies would have been sort of an art-deco tribute to Disneyana, a 20th century object d’art – but a collection of them all standing in a row, all looking exactly alike – well, it’s just creepy. I do like the quasi-psychedelic Mickey portrait, though 🙂 He makes a nice backdrop.

I hope you enjoyed our Ruby Tuesday shopping trip!

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8 thoughts on “Shopportunity knocks: from whimsical to bizarre”

  1. The inner artists in us all should visit such a venue to see if our outlook is boring or bizarre. The Mickey has a crayon coloring motif as if done by an eighteen month old. The retro flight attendants have a tailored and proper look about them. Spending money never gets old!

  2. You mean… even though I keep getting older, my money never does? Interesting concept! I think it does not have a chance to age because I’m spending it!



  3. Alas, it will probably be some time before I visit Mickey again. This does look like a whole new way to lighten your wallet though.

  4. My school has a generic summer hat. The school encourage them to pin or stitch things on their to make them individual. A kid has a Mickey mouse for the front and a Donald duck at thee back.

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