Things are looking up at the bat exhibit

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IMG_3165-WDW-DAK-bats🙂 Sometime while you are touring any Disney theme park, try looking UP for a different perspective. Chances are really excellent that you will start to notice bits of theming that range from clever to beautiful and add to the overall ambiance and mood that Disney is striving for in that particular space.

I did this recently at the fruit bat enclosure at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. One of the things I found hung from the ceiling in the corridor just outside the bat enclosure were several carved effigies of bats in flight. This one looks particularly ferocious. Even though the bats in the enclosure are fruit bats and therefore not interested in bothering humans, I’m not sure I want to encounter one with his mouth open like that! 😯

IMG_3163-WDW-DAK-bats-carving-doorThe bat enclosure is screened in, and it is accessed by two doors (in theory, one is “in” and the other is “out”). When I looked up, I saw this remarkable carving above one of the doors. I’m not sure what sort of legend it is supposed to portray. The larger yellow creatures don’t look much like bats, but they are the only ones with wings. The smaller green and red creatures seem to be shaped more like bats, but they have no wings. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t much like the looks of the little green guy in the center. What’s he doing to the neck of the big yellow dude? They’re supposed to be fruit bats, not vampire bats! Hmmmm…..

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7 thoughts on “Things are looking up at the bat exhibit”

  1. I love bats, eating so many of those pesky mosquitoes every night. I am not worried by that grimace in-flight, impressed instead by the bold attacking mammal above. The vermin are targets of his appetite, and they ought to be afraid of their flying foe – very afraid!

  2. Great site, Tink! I just added you to my favorite local links on my blog. The shelling was fantastic this weekend, wasn’t it? I’m so glad you got to see the shelling madness too. I love those little horsies too- We call them candy corn- funny you call them mac and cheese.

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