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The Disney Blog reviews the new Princess And The Frog DVD

I agree that the story was slow in spots. I do not agree that the music was “quality” across the board – every song with the exception of “Dig A Little Deeper” was eminently forgettable. But you know what I loved about “The Princess And The Frog”? Tiana is smart, ambitious, driven and a go-getter. She did not sit around helplessly waiting for her prince to come. She planned her work, then worked the plan to get everything that she wanted for herself. YOU GO, GIRL! 🙂

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Disney to sell annual pass good for all its U.S. theme parks

Not sure why anyone would be interested, in this economy. When you consider airfare, especially for an entire family, this just isn’t practical for most passholders. You have to wonder at the motivation for such a “deal”. Possibly, Disney is betting that someone will find the idea of visiting all 6 US parks in one year appealing, but the practicalities of having them on opposite coasts will be prohibitive. They will have collected the revenue whether or not the parks are visited. The only people I can see this being good for are locals who buy an annual pass to their local park anyway. They might consider making one big trip next year to the other coast (Floridians to California and vice versa), but I cannot see many people making TWO big trips in a year in this economy.

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New trailer for Disney’s TANGLED!

Here’s a trailer for the upcoming TANGLED, Disney’s take on the “Rapunzel” fairy tale. Leads are voiced by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi of NBC’s “Chuck” (I do love me some Chuck, just wish I remembered more often to watch!).

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There’s also a slideshow of some stills from the film on IMDB.com – hand-drawn goodness!

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FOLLOW UP from last week’s edition –

Court temporarily blocks release of video, photos of SeaWorld trainer death

I did not realize they had underwater video of this event. I’m not sure how many people would willingly watch this poor girl drown. This is not something the public needs to see or hear, and I agree that it should not be released. I’m glad the judge sees it the family’s way, and I hope that sentiment will continue toward making the injunction permanent.

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That’s it for TINK’S *~*~* LINKS this week – hope you’ve enjoyed 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Tink’s *~*~* Links: Passes and Princesses”

  1. Off to watch the “Tangled” trailer in just a moment, but first these comments.

    I agree with your summation of The Princess and the Frog. Slow in spots and Disney has done better, but overall a pleasant film. One thing I’d like to note is that the drawing of Charlotte was strangely different from that of all the other characters. I found the drawing of her character to be jarring.

    And then there’s the Premier Pass – good for Disneyland AND Walt Disney World. While I don’t think there will be any big rush to get this pass – I do think that it will be more popular with West coast Disneyholics who occasionally will see a year when this pass would be beneficial.

  2. …….and now I’m back from watching the aptly named TEASER trailer.

    Er…ummmm nice lookin’ tower there Disney.. :p 😉 😀

  3. Oh so you think more West Coasters make the pilgrimage to Orlando than East Coasters to Anaheim? Interesting, but I guess you might have a point. There are 4 parks on this side of the continent, and only two on that side, which may contribute to heavier travel from West to East.


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