Dinosaur Week: giant Lego monsters!

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IMG_0012-WDW-DTD-Legos-dinosaurs🙂 Welcome to Dinosaur Week at My Mobile Adventures *~*~* As mentioned elsewhere, the only real reason it is Dinosaur Week is because I have pictures of dinosars to share 😉 Today’s offering comes from Downtown Disney. As many are aware, there is a Lego store there, and they’ve been displaying complex, life-sized Lego sculptures for many years. They are swapped out periodically, so sometimes you get a surprise on your next visit.

These dinosaurs stood very close to the shore. One of the current displays is an entire tourist family. I have to say that my all-time faves were the dragon and the guy who was snoring on the bench outside the store (I think he looked like Frasier from the TV show). I was on a boat from the Port Orleans French Quarter resort when I snapped this photo, so that’s why it’s a behind-and-to-the-side view.

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5 thoughts on “Dinosaur Week: giant Lego monsters!”

  1. We all have this idea that the dinosaurs were big, oafish and brutish. Fearsome reptiles, really! Yet we may have to revisit our stereotypes, as these travelers are as gaudy as the snowbirds that visit central Florida. I hope they enjoy Mouseland!

  2. I love the Lego displays at WDW. I’m always amazed at what they can do. I was even more amazed when I went to LegoLand in San Diego and saw what they have done there. Entire cities like London, Wash DC etc. Wow!

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