Dinosaur Week: Is this Chester or Hester?

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02-18-08_1316-WDW-DAK-brontosaurus🙂 This is the last of DINOSAUR WEEK here at My Mobile Adventures *~*~*, and I have a question for you – is this Chester or is it Hester?

In the DinoLand section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, everything is named after these two dinosaurs, but I’ve never been able to work out who is who. While this one looks like a brontosaurus, the other one is more of a triceratops.

Does anyone know – which one is Chester and which one is Hester?

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3 thoughts on “Dinosaur Week: Is this Chester or Hester?”

  1. I don’t believe it is either.=0)

    Chester and Hester were humans. A paleontologist found a dino bone in the swamp near a little gas station that was owned by Chester and Hester. The land next to them was bought and became the Dino Institute. With all the tourist coming to the DI, Chester and Hester built their own little amusement park.The gift shop is what is left of their gas station.

    Erich was waaaaaaay into dinosaurs is why I know all these this week! LOL!

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