Dinosaur Week: rock-o-saurus?

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IMG_0932-WDW-DAK-dinosaur-stones🙂 A few years back, I was treading the path up to Camp Minnie Mickey at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I took a look to my right as I was passing over the stream and I saw this waterfall spewing forth from a pile of… hey wait just a minute! That’s no ordinary pile of rocks. That looks like a dinosaur – a stegosaurus, as a matter of fact! You know, the one that mildly resembles a rhinoceros, only with a bunch of armor all over, and a stand-up collar. Look at the water gushing through those TEETH! It can’t be a mistake; the Imagineers had to have built it that way on purpose. But why? Why build a stegosaurus waterfall on the path to Camp Minnie Mickey?

Well, some people say that it’s not a stegosaurus at all. Some people say that Camp Minnie Mickey was originally supposed to be the site of a “land” in the Animal Kingdom where mythological creatures dwell and that our stegosaurus waterfall was actually supposed to be a fire-breathing dragon. I totally believe that there was originally supposed to be a “Beastly Kingdom” where Camp Minnie Mickey now stands, but no way is that a dragon. It’s very obviously a stegosaurus!

OK, so what do YOU think – dinosaur or dragon?
Leave a comment, let me know!

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4 thoughts on “Dinosaur Week: rock-o-saurus?”

  1. What a great discovery! I have never noticed that before. I’ll have to point it out to my kids on our next trip! Thanks for sharing!

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