6 thoughts on “Good shelling day when you find one of these on Sanibel”

  1. I was greatly disappointed shelling on Sanibel,I first heard about it 40 years ago and always wanted to get there well I did and the shells are all the same tiny and broken,very boring assortment

  2. Sometimes the shelling can be a little poor, but for the most part you can usually find shells if you look around in different areas. Somedays you hit the pay load. You just never know what you’ll find. Nice Mac ‘n Cheese Tink!. 🙂

  3. I agree with the good shelling when you find a mac n cheese. I found a couple of small ones too. One is really itty bitty. Of course the half Junonia made my day.

  4. Oh, so sorry that you were disappointed, Lee. The appearance/disappearance of shells on Sanibel’s beaches can be cyclical and subject to a bunch of different conditions related to weather, tides, moon cycle and just plain old luck. I hope you’ll come back sometime and try again!


  5. Love the ‘mac & chesse’ shell. My sister and I are coming in July from Ohio and we can’t wait. Sorry Lee didn’t find any shells (can’t imagine that)..he needs to try again and walk, walk, walk, the beaches. We always bring home more shells than we should..some good and some not so good. Hope to meet some of you…we are staying at West Wind Inn (our favorite place on the Island).

  6. Hi Tanya! You know, West Wind is one of the favored outdoor bar stops on the Sunday Sanibel Bar Crawl. You never know if a Militant Sheller or 5 might show up there on a Sunday afternoon 😉 (give me a shout when it gets closer to your dates if you want to meet!)

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