Hibiscus: Hollywood’s haute cuisine

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IMG_1035-WDW-DHS-MGM-Dinosaur🙂 I have decided that it’s DINOSAUR WEEK here at My Mobile Adventures *~*~* – if for no other reason than I have a few pics of dinosaurs 😉

Here’s one from Disney’s Hollywood Studios, only I took the photo when it was still Disney-MGM Studios. He seems to enjoy chowing down on the hibiscus. He’s not very scary, as dinosaurs go – he’s rather placid looking, friendly even, and there are no discernible teeth. I’m pretty sure he’s a vegetarian, actually, so unless he accidentally stomped us, I’m convinced we’ve nothing to fear from him.

I’m not sure what movie he’s supposed to be from – can’t be Jurassic Park because that’s that “other” theme park in Orlando *cough* Universal *cough*. I’m trying to think of what movie Disney or *cough* MGM did that has a dinosaur like this in it, but I’m afraid I’m coming up blank.

Does anyone know what movie this dinosaur appeared in?

I promise, I will not google – I will wait for one of you to tell me!

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3 thoughts on “Hibiscus: Hollywood’s haute cuisine”

  1. In St. Paul Mn a few years ago the city was inundated with dinosaurs and then sold after the event. None, of course, were as cute as this one.

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