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Disney quietly working on $1 billion-plus “next generation” technology project

It’s a story after my own, geeky heart. The Orlando Sentinel’s Daily Disney blog reports the existence of a sooper seekrit high tech initiative to incorporate a great deal more wireless technology across the spectrum of the Walt Disney World experience, including the use of RFID (radio frequency identification) chips. Enshrouded in confidentiality agreements and references to “next generation” technology, there are definitely pluses and minuses to any application of this technology you can think of as it relates to theme park resorts. The minuses give me much food for thought. It boils down to an essential question:
QUESTION: Will Disney’s Guests be OK with the use of technology that enhances their experience, but also tracks their every move, all day long?
Come and leave a comment, let me know what you think.

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Upcoming Mobile Adventures!

Corkscrew-Swamp-MapCorkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
Naples Southwest Florida
Date: unknown!
We got rained out last Sunday – and I mean it practically MONSOONED, so we were grateful we’d had the good sense to call it off. Unfortunately, it looks like it might rain again this Sunday too; as of right now, there’s only a 20% chance, but that could change over the next couple of days. And seriously, who wants to be in a SWAMP when it’s pouring? 😀 So you can see why I’m not precisely sure when I’ll get to this Southwest Florida attraction – which is run by Audubon, by the way – but I WILL get to it! One of the “ghost orchids” bloomed down there last month, and April is typical for ghost orchid blooms, so I’m hoping to be in the right place at the right time to see it. I know I want to get there before Florida becomes hell-hot. Can’t go the following weekend, because I’ve got another adventure planned for then…

IMG00501-WDW-gates-on-the-roadLe Petite Moose Meet
Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida
Dates: Saturday 4/24 – Sunday 4/25
Yes, you are correct – those are the “pearly gates” and I’m going to Disney World! Last month we were there at just the beginning of the Flower and Garden Festival; not everything was assembled yet, and more importantly, the magnolias were not yet in bloom! So I need to get my fix. But the most important thing is that a small (hence “petite”) herd of “mooses” will be converging upon Walt Disney World that weekend. The “mooses” are a clan of Disney-lovin’ folk who met on the internet initially but now all that internet stuff is just filler between play dates at The World. Look for people like @DisneyMoose and @badelves and her family to be tweeting and blogging along with me. I think we’re going to have a blast!

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Big Thunder Trivia

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Here’s an interesting piece of “Walt Trivia” that I found this week, again in the Daily Disney. Apparently, the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction reflects more than just one of Walt’s personal fascinations. We all know about his love of trains – how he worked one summer selling newspapers on a railroad, and how he grew up to build the Carolwood Pacific Railroad in his back yard when he lived in California. Well, not only are trains incorporated into the Big Thunder attraction, but the attraction itself was allegedly inspired by the time when Walt Disney had owned a home in the vicinity of Sedona’s red rocks. In fact, there’s a rock whose official name is Capitol Butte, but people now call it Thunder Mountain in honor of the Disney attraction.
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POST SCRIPT: I was googling around for a picture to go with the “Walt Trivia” piece. I searched PicApp for “submarine rock” and much to my surprise, I saw that familiar, three-orb silhouette. I never expected to get this “Hidden Mickey” photo out of “submarine rock”!. I have NO idea who or what that is behind Ringo and George, but I’m grateful because I needed to laugh and laugh and laugh like that 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Tink’s *~*~* Links: Swamps, secrets and Sedona”

  1. I believe we are a world of no privacy anyhow so hopefully this move will make the whole experience smoother/more enjoyable. (Why are all your photos 1/4 inch thick when I view? It never used to be like that on my old computer).

  2. Gayle, I’ve been selecting the smaller sized photos so that I can wrap more text around them. You can always click them to see bigger versions (if I don’t forget to switch Flickr to “public” that is – it’s been known to happen!)


  3. That’s a Blue Meanie from Yellow Submarine with George and Ringo.

    Scroll down the page a bit and you will see them!

    Answering your first question…I ,as a WDW guest, do NOT like the idea of them tracking me all day…too Big Brother…or Big Mouse …is watching for me!

    I Googled Ghost orchid because I’ve never heard of it.Beautiful and so weird looking.I hope you get to see one!

    I’m looking forward to following you along on your trip through the pearly gates…I wish I could be there to see all my Moosey friends.

    Cool piece of Big Thunder trivia…I’m going to pass it along to my nephew who working that ride…I wonder if he knows that or I stump him!

  4. This has been a question that has been on various boards over the past few years.

    People are as codified on this as they are on Turkey Legs!

    Personally, when I am on a Disney vacation, I want the best use of my time and the best use of my money. If Disney can track me in the parks and help me navigate the wait lines and attractions, then I am all for it.

    If they can look at how I spend my time at the Parks and create an itinerary for me, then yay!

    There are privacy issues, but you are on private property and Disney also needs to worry about security, traffic, guest flow and food!

  5. Alicia, you reminded me of something from the 80s. I used to wear blue eyeliner and sometimes at the end of the day it would collect in the corners of my eyes. My then-boyfriend/now-ex-husband used to say, “oh you have blue meanies in your eyes again” and I never knew that was from Yellow Submarine until many years later!

    George, I will have to respectfully disagree with you on this one. I do not want to be tagged with an RFID so that Disney knows every time I go to the bathroom. They have lived this long without RFID, there is no reason they can’t do without it. It might be private property but if a court says no no no, they will have to back off. I predict someone is going to take them to court!


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