Design your own thrill ride!

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Nieceling and I designed our own thrill ride at EPCOT. The attraction, which is located in Innoventions, is called "Sum Of All Thrills". Presented by Raytheon, it’s designed to get kids interested in the physics and math behind the building of a thrill ride.

05162010828-WDW-EPCOT-Innoventions-Electric Star

Our thrill ride is a roller coaster with features like corkscrews and half-pipes. We call it “The Electric Star”


You have four minutes to design your ride, and our little buddy Crash the test dummy helps you by trying out your stunts to see if they are viable. Crash is pictured here on a plastic electronic swipe card that stores your thrill ride after you have finished designing it. You then take the card to another section where you are strapped into a capsule on a crane and your program runs, turning you upside down, sideways and all around. Fun stuff!

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14 thoughts on “Design your own thrill ride!”

  1. Goodness gracious me. This designer stuff fun must even be too advaced for me daughter,…or maybe not.She would have loved it.

  2. That is a great exhibit. It seems that math in the usual way is boring, but all agree that the applied math we learn in physics is much more fun! I wonder how Crash survives since no doubt he is thrown out of each coaster car on every run. The 3-D coaster simulator has to be a treat!

  3. I think I love that idea, I can design my ride thrill. I just wonder what I come out with lol! Happy RT!


  4. That is a great idea, for those who love thrill rides! I’m not one of those, though. But it might be fun to design a ride for someone else!

    Thanks for the visit!

  5. @Dimple – when I first saw what ours was going to put us through, I thought for sure it would make at least one of us (me) throw up! But no, it was actually fun, and I screamed my head off 🙂

    @chubskulit – I have to agree, it was too short – maybe if they strung a few go-rounds together….

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