Sea shells at the Boardwalk Inn

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I was taking photographs in and around Disney’s Boardwalk Inn when my camera ran out of juice. Fortunately, I had a set of fresh batteries with me, and scouted a place to sit down and swap them out. I found this chair and side table in the lobby of the Boardwalk.


I knew right away that after the batteries were changed, the first picture I would snap would be of the table. It was decorated with images of my OTHER, non-Disney passion – sea shells! Not so surprising – the whole Boardwalk at Walt Disney World has a seaside resort and amusement theme. Sea shells fit right in.


The reason I moved to the Lee Island Coast in particular was to be close to Sanibel Island, where many such shells can be found. The two smaller ones pictured on the table appear to be keyhole limpets. The larger one is a true tulip. It’s always a treat to find a true tulip – they are so bright and colorful, and they come in an array of patterns.


I found a literal bonanza of true tulips on Sanibel Island the first year I lived here in Southwest Florida. Sometime in June of that year, Tropical Storm Alberto blew through. A tropical storm is not as severe as a hurricane, but it’s just enough to push a bunch of treasure up onto the shores of Sanibel. At the top of this photo, you can see the tops of two pear whelks. Below that, three banded tulips. And in the last row – an assortment of true tulips in various patterns and sizes. The largest one measures 5.25 inches from end to end – about as long as a pen.

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2 thoughts on “Sea shells at the Boardwalk Inn”

  1. Committing the cardinal sin of being the first to comment on my own post 😉 Now that I keep looking at the “keyhole limpets”, I’m thinking maybe they aren’t limpets at all. They might be cockles drawn with a wonky perspective. I know there are shell people out there reading – what do you think? Wonky cockles?


  2. The shells are beautiful. I guess that my idea of a non-descript shell is around a Conch that is to be made into a chowder. The many mollusks in the Gulf are amazing, almost looking as if an artist painted each and every shell with painstaking care…the chair and table are lovely, too. Happily you had spare batteries…

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