Shrine by a quiet stream in Anandapur

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A shrine made of stone sits by a quiet stream at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Anandapur is the name of the fictional village. In the real world, outside the 42 square miles upon which Disney built his Florida empire, there are two places called Anandapur. One of them is in India, and the other is in Bangladesh.

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10 thoughts on “Shrine by a quiet stream in Anandapur”

  1. Disney is artful…..even in their theme parks!!!

    We went birding last week…today’s post for my blog is all kinds of coastal bird photos. Do take a side trip over to my place if you can find some time to view many waterfowl.


    Have a super day my friend.

  2. I have not been to Disney World and too old to go now. I understand it is a fun and great place to visit. Thanks for taking me on a little tour.

  3. Hi Tink, thanks for giving us a glimpse of the “Happiest Place on Earth.” You’re right, one is never too old for Disney!

    Thanks for checking up on me last month, I’m finally settled (well, almost) in my new home in Coastal Georgia. I didn’t leave Florida too far behind, when you look across the river downtown you see Florida land and the closest beach is Fernandina, Florida. Now I’m officially a Florida/Georgia Blogger.

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