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05152010653-WDW-MK-pearly-gatesI’ve seen Disney’s Main Street Electrical parade only twice – well, one and a half times actually. The half-a-time was in August 2001 when I visited Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim. I forget why, but my friend and I were in a hurry to get out of the park. We saw half the parade while trapped behind the inevitable ropes that prevent Guests from being trampled upon by the parade. Once the barricade was removed, we were outta there.

The second time was in February 2003 at Disneyland Paris. I climbed up to the train station at the head of Main Street to view it. I remember it was bitterly cold and I played a jumping-around game that I’d made up on the spot with some little kid I met up there, to keep warm. The little kid did not speak English and I did not speak French. But we both spoke the language of fun and games, so it was all good 🙂 I loved the music from the Main Street Electrical Parade so much, I bought the CD on my way out of the park. The introduction in the disembodied electronic robot voice is in French!

Anyhow, after last year’s June visit to Walt Disney World, I privately vowed “Never again!” in the summer. May is tough enough, but June was a terror. The heat! The crowds! The bad behavior, obnoxious attitudes and meltdowns! And that was just the adults!

However, the Main Street Electrical Parade is only around through the summer and then it’s gone again. 2003 was a long, long time ago. I kinda wanna see it again.

My AP is good through the middle of January 2011, and it’s only a three hour drive….

I dunno – should I go?

Summer Nightastic! preview: Disney passholders can see Electrical Parade, fireworks early | TheDailyDisney.com from OrlandoSentinel.com.

6 thoughts on “Tink’s *~*~* Links: The one thing that might get me to go to WDW in the summer is…”

  1. I LOVED the Electric Light Parade. I can still remember the floats and the music. Yes! GO!! I might just have to make the trip too.

  2. My kids/grandkids are going for a week in July — I hope it won’t be too terrible; if june was bad, will july be even worse?

  3. Gail, I suspect it might be just a little worse in terms of crowding – by then, every school in the US will be out for summer – but there is no appreciable difference in the weather in Florida between June and July, that I’ve noticed.


  4. GO!!!! We went in July for my birthday (July 9th) a few years ago and it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it was going to be.We spent afternoons at the resort and went to the parks later.

    Ya GOT to see MSEP again…it’s just so cool!

  5. The music is splendiferous!

    And you hang out mostly in Epcot anyway – and as you know, Epcot can absorb the crowds. So you hang out at Epcot in the morning, then the hotel pool, and then after dinner…TADA! It’s the MSEP! 😀

  6. LOL, you people are dangerous to my vacation budget!

    I will have to see what sort of points I will have available to me, maybe book the Sheraton Safari or some other low-points hotel…. OY! I also want to figure out when my Twitter sistahs might be going. I know I’m busy the weekend of July 16th with out-of-town guests.

    Well, we’ll see.


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