Give Kids The World REALLY Needs Your Help!

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IMG00501-WDW-gates-on-the-roadI first posted about this a couple of weeks ago, and between that and publicizing it on Facebook, many of you may already know what this is all about and you may already be doing your daily “click”. If you are, then thank you and God bless you.

For those reading who are unaware – Give Kids The World Villas is a resort in the Orlando, Florida area which works with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to grant the wishes of children who are ill with life-threatening diseases. Many of those children wish for the same thing – to go to Disney World. If their wish is granted, the family stays at Give Kids The World for free.

[pullquote]I’m sure there are lots of worthy causes out there, but the one that is currently in 2nd place is for building a weight room in a high school. As compared to granting the dying wish of a terminally ill child, I consider that a “nice to have”, and I can’t believe they are in 2nd place. They must be better at organizing than we are. Let’s change that, RIGHT NOW![/pullquote]

The Village is now 20 years old and needs some repairs. If Give Kids The World can get to 1st or 2nd place in the voting by June 30th, they will win $250,000 from Pepsi to help with the repairs.

When I started a few weeks ago pushing this cause, we were in 16th place. A few days ago, we’d gotten all the way down to 9th!!! Now, we’ve slid back to 10th again. I’m very upset by this 🙁

I can’t think of a better cause than taking a child who is ill and suffering and making him happy. If Mickey Mouse will make that child happy, then that child should have a safe and well-maintained place to stay while visiting Orlando.

I’m posting today to ask you all once again to PLEASE VOTE – it’s just a click!


  • You can vote DAILY
  • After you click “vote” it might ask you to log in with Facebook or register on the site. YOU MUST CLICK “VOTE” AGAIN AFTER YOU LOG IN
  • Consider spreading the word! After you vote, you will find icons on the site to share on Facebook, Twitter etc. You can do it that way, or send an email to everyone you know, post it on a forum or message board where you hang out…. any way you can think of to spread the word and ask people to vote
  • ATTENTION FELLOW BLOGGERS! Would you consider putting this on your blog too, and asking your readers to vote? That would really help a lot!

Thanks for your attention, everyone – and for your votes!

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  1. We all have time to follow Tink and admire her Great pictures she post for us to enjoy. She ask for nothing in return. Think of how many times when we all have had one of those days and Tink has posted something that made life ok. She is asking us to vote to help these children. This is just a friendly reminder to remind you all to vote and tell your friends so they will tell their friends to vote. “Give Kids The World”

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