Lost post from 2009 – my notes from Disney’s UP!

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Notes about Disney’s UP! (one year late)

I was in Walt Disney World on June 14th 2009; I’d taken a professional certification exam the day before in Orlando and stayed the weekend to browse the parks. Well, it was so hell hot, I decided to cool off by taking myself to the AMC theaters in Downtown Disney. Pixar’s UP! was playing there, and I loved it. I made notes of my favorite parts and quotes… and then promptly lost the post! For some reason, I dated it June 14th 2010 instead of 2009, so it’s been sitting all this time waiting to auto-post. Anyhow, other than this little introduction, I’m not altering the post – however it was written, that’s how it was written!

I would, however, love to hear YOUR impressions of the film one year later – comments, please!

  • Ellie had a book called “My Adventures”.  I have a website called “My Adventures”
  • “It’s like America – only, south!”
  • Females are drawn like the females in BOLT – in this way, animators create “cousins” across films.  Check the females in The Incredibles too.  Check animators of various films, who was in charge of which characters.
  • [pullquote]

    “Adventure is out there!”


  • Amused by use of Bizet’s “Habanera” when he was coming down the stairs in his elevator chair
  • Second time in 24 hours I saw someone make a “w” with their fingers.  Saw Cameron Diaz do it in “The Sweetest Thing” the night before
  • Little touches, like when the bad guy in the suit puts his hand possessively on the picket fence post
  • Finally, seeing Disney's UP

  • Stuff I’m going to do “someday” was on these pages – sometimes, you get a big, fat NO from the Universe.
  • I heard the Miss Gulch bicycle music in my head as the house was tossed about by the storm
  • Another Wizard of Oz parallel – “it was in my own backyard at one point but I didn’t realize it at the time” – dreams of “someday” – sometimes you don’t realize it, but “someday” is NOW.
  • There’s no place like home – Ellie IS home, the physical location is irrelevant.
  • Little kid stuff – knee, elbow, another of the little touches.
  • “I do I do I do ever so want the ball.”
  • “Tents are HARD!”
  • “I like you temporarily.”
  • “I will stop the dogs – stop, you dogs!”
  • “It is funny because the squirrel gets dead.”
  • “I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most… I like that curb.”
  • Clinging to the dream can be the wrong priority.  But how to know if let go or hold on?  LOOK FOR SIGNS.
  • Dogs playing poker – great pop culture iconic reference 🙂
  • Old creaky warriors – flying dentures – make me bust up laughing 🙂
  • House disappears into the ether – home just alive in memories now (but Ellie made sure it landed where it was supposed to land)
  • HAPPY ENDING 🙂  I wish!

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8 thoughts on “Lost post from 2009 – my notes from Disney’s UP!”

  1. Until recently, I could only watch movies in theaters – and I didn’t go to the theater that often – only 2 or 3 times a year.

    But this movie I did see and I loved it. It’s overall theme (love endures), the characters, Carl and Ellie and, of course, Russell (the boy) were very believable. Dug “Squirrel!”…ummm…maybe not so much. 😀

    Finally, UP made a lot of money for Disney, and while I haven’t been back to Downtown Disney since they started the tethered hot air attraction there (so admittedly, I’ve only seen pictures and read descriptions) but I’m surprised they didn’t do something to the outside of that hot air balloon to make it look…well, like the balloons in “UP”. Instead they did silhouettes of Mary Poppins and so forth. I found that a little surprising, but perhaps the hot air balloon was almost off the drawing board before the movie UP was released.

  2. Mari, I think you are right – the Characters In Flight balloon was around before the film – marginally, like maybe only months, but still before the film. It would have been a BRILLIANT cross-marketing ploy, and perhaps the first time a film and its corresponding attraction were released simultaneously. No chicken/egg debates!


  3. That must have been so much fun. Though I’ve been to Disneyland, I’ve never been to disney world. I’ll have to check it out one of these days. Great shot. You’ve capture it’s whimsical feel.

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