Mystic mountain mirrored

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IMG_1442-WDW-DAK-Everest-reflectedBack in the early days of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there was an attraction called Discovery River Boats, the purpose of which wasn’t really so much entertainment as it was to taxi the guests around the park via the river that winds around Discovery Island. There was a dock in Asia and another close to the entrance of the park, just after you emerge from the Oasis. These docks have been repurposed since the attraction shut down. The one in Asia is now a shaded sitting area to rest or eat, and the other one is a character meet-and-greet spot.

I sometimes find myself wishing that attraction still existed. It can be very pleasant to float along in a boat at Disney World, a peaceful respite during a busy day. And then I get a shot like this one, and I realize that it would not have been possible with boats running around disturbing the reflections.

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11 thoughts on “Mystic mountain mirrored”

  1. What a lovely shot! One of these days I’d love to visit the Disneyland in Florida. I wish they’d spruce up the one here so it would compare.

  2. They do a good job with artificial nature! I can see why you’d miss and aimless carefree, relaxing float, sounds wonderful.

  3. I enjoyed your trip down memory lane. Time does change things and that is life, but we still miss the times that are gone.

  4. I’ve been seeing a lot of pics of Disney lately that make me want to go spend some time there. I guess I tend to get a bit jaded having gone to the Magic Kingdom so many times and to Epcot a few, but it really is quite amazing! We usually spend Christmas night at the Grand Floridian with friends and their kids. Always a treat!

    That shot is very pretty and tranquil, and no, it would not be that peaceful with lots of boats on the water.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


    Sheila 🙂

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