Scenes from the Tuscan garden

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IMG_3556-WDW-EPCOT-Diana🙂 This year’s Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT featured outdoor living spaces set in a Tuscan garden. There was a grove of olive trees spread with slate-gray gravel, in the center of which stood Diana, mistress of the hunt. You might remember Diana. She was featured at the end of the drunken Bacchus scene in Disney’s Fantasia. She shot an arrow into the twilight sky, which burst with stars. However, she looked a wee bit different than pictured here; in the film, she was fully clothed 😉

After a bit of research, I am unable to determine why Diana was chosen to grace the Tuscan garden. She’s not especially connected to Tuscany. In fact, most of the known shrines to Diana in Italy stand significantly further south. This will have to remain a mystery – perhaps it’s simply a random selection by the CM who themed the garden.

IMG_3554-WDW-EPCOT-rainwater-cisternAlthough I did study Italian briefly in school, that was many years ago so I needed to take a photo of this phrase written in the round on the patio. It was the word “piovana”, which I’d never heard before, that was baffling me. When I got to a computer, I googled it. “Cisterna di acqua piovana” means “reservoir of rain water”. I guess the implication here is that the reservoir is sunken into the ground. I’ve heard that’s a bad thing to do with your rainwater if you’re going to consume it in some way, but I guess if you’re only going to use it to water the plants and you don’t actually drink it or bathe in it or use it to cook, then it is probably ok.

IMG_3553So far we’ve only seen a sign with a reference to “acqua” or “water”. Now we’re going to see the actual water. You may have to click the picture and view it in a larger size to see. Here it is – a fountain mounted on a wall of ivy, in the shape of a ram’s head. See that trickle coming out of his mouth? That’s water! I know, it’s barely a trickle but it is actual, genuine water! There was much more to this outdoor living space, but I will save those photographs for another day.


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12 thoughts on “Scenes from the Tuscan garden”

  1. Ah, I enlarged the fountain, enlarged it again and again over my whole screen and Voila! there was the water clear as day. Avery charming fountain and beautifully captured, as is your whole post.

    By the way, don’t listen to all you hear, we have supplied our own water for 40 years, all rain water . Stored in both concrete and iron tanks above and below the ground and are alive and kicking yet.

  2. Hello friends who cannot see the images, or who are seeing them squished.

    I would bet that you are not using Firefox. I bet you are using Internet Explorer, and you are NOT running in “compatibility mode”.

    This is a fun little feature of Internet Explorer – Firefox has no such problems. Dunno about Chrome as I don’t have it installed at the moment.

    So, you need to put your browser in “compatibility mode” and there will be peace in the valley once more. Somewhere up near the URL/address bar, on the right probably, you will see a little icon that looks like a ripped page. Hover over it and it will tell you that’s compatibility mode. Click it and you will see the pictures!

    I suspect this is due to Microsoft updates that came ’round recently and probably reset certain settings.

    Um, the other thing you could do is not use IE any more and just install Firefox! Here’s a link –


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