What Floridians Should Know About Reporting Oil

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IMG_1534-Ding-Darling-Sanibel-Cove-In-Mangroves 🙁 I am thankful to report that our beaches here in Southwest Florida are as yet unaffected by the catastrophic BP oil spill. However, no one knows how hurricane season (started June 1st) will affect ocean currents and therefore the direction the oil spill takes.

This oil well has been gushing into the Gulf of Mexico for more than 40 days. Impact would be devastating for this area – there are wildlife refuges that house rookeries and sea life breeding grounds all along the Lee Island Coast. The potential for unrecoverable destruction is high and it’s severe.

The City of Sanibel has provided links to important instructions that must be followed in the event that evidence of the oil spill is discovered. Follow the link below to access these documents from the City of Sanibel website.

City of Sanibel Urges All Residents to Review & Know the State of Florida “Oil Spill Reporting Guide” / News / City Manager’s Office / Departments / Home – City of Sanibel.

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