An island tavern in a cavern

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McT’s Shrimp House and Tavern is a stop on the Sunday Sanibel Bar Crawl, especially when it’s very hot outside. The SSBC started in the mild weather as a pool bar crawl, but as the weather turned that year, it was obvious that we needed to seek asylum in places that were both shady and air conditioned. McT’s has traditionally been a final stop, but now that they are open for lunch, we’ve actually started there a few times.

06132010988-Sanibel-McTs-crabI enjoy the ambiance at McT’s. It starts with the outside decor – they’ve got a beached dingy with tall sea grasses growing out of holes it its bottom, a dolphin sculpture and a tropically-decorated Adirondack chair at the front door. Inside, it’s kind of like walking into an undersea cavern – cool and shady, the whimsical mood is set by fantasy-tinged paintings on the walls and the twinkling “stars” strung over the bar. There’s a big blue crab over the bar, too. I like the way the artist just painted the crab’s feet right on top of the air conditioning duct.

06132010987There are other things painted on the walls and ceiling, including a couple of mermaids. One of the mermaids is framed on the wall beside the door to the Tavern. I’m a sucker for blue and yellow together, so this is my favorite scene in the whole bar. In this photo, you can see a bit of glare on the lower left of the frame – that’s coming from the glass in the door. As I was taking this photo, one of the wait staff passed by and remarked that she believed the owner’s wife is the artist who creates these paintings, and that she’d just been in recently to freshen them up a bit.

06132010985-Sanibel-McTs-shrimpSo, how’s the food? you ask. McT’s serves home-made potato chips that would be pretty hard to beat. They are pretty much inhaled as soon as the basket hits the table. Here’s my McT’s lunch of choice – fresh Gulf shrimp, just grilled plain, on a bed of romaine with Caesar dressing on the side. There are all kinds of ways to prepare shrimp, but I like it just grilled because you can really taste how fresh it is that way. To wet the whistle – after all, this is supposed to be a bar crawl – we have a Yellowbird, the official fru-fru drink of the Sunday Sanibel Bar Crawlers and Militant Shellers Association (TM). This is a wonderful libation made from amaretto, rum and pineapple juice, usually garnished with a cherry and an orange slice. The orange slice is typically the first thing ingested.

Overall, I’d say we all enjoy our stops at McT’s, and I’m looking forward to more in the future. Now, if only they had a pool… 😉

Click the photos to see if a larger version is available in Flickr
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8 thoughts on “An island tavern in a cavern”

  1. The one time I visited the Gulf, I had to have shrimp – fresh, caught today. It was wonderful! A place of safety in A/C, it seems a place to to end an afternoon. No crawling home, though :>)

  2. I love places that are colorful with lots of interesting things to look at while eating delicious food. Glad you guys have such a fun place to go.

  3. I would say you pretty much covered it. 🙂 McT’s has been one of our favorite island restaurants for a long time. When we first started going there Chuck would order the Steamer Platter for himself and take home about half of it. Then we started ordering one with two set ups for the both of us and still take half of it home! Pricey but oh so good!

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