Implement of Mickey-Headedness sold separately

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😕 Maybe I just don’t eat enough eggs, so I’ve never seen them for sale. Or maybe this was just a very short-lived idea. Whatever the case, I never heard of these Disney Farm Fresh Eggs until I stumbled across a discussion about them on BlogCatalog this evening.

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It seems a little weird to me. The kids will likely never see the characters stamped on the eggs, unless they are hard boiled. I wonder if the ink runs? Also, I doubt very much that the eggs will naturally emerge from the pan all Mickey-headed like that, unless of course you have the handy dandy Implement of Mickey-Headedness, sold separately (see about the 15 second mark on the video). Ahhh, a light bulb moment – they’re not really trying to sell eggs, they’re trying the sell the Implement of Mickey-Headedness. Those cross-marketing geniuses at Disney – what will they come up with next? 😉

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2 thoughts on “Implement of Mickey-Headedness sold separately”

  1. OOooh! I want the handy dandy Implement of Mickey-Headedness! Sadly, though, I doubt it would fit perfectly on an english muffin.

  2. Hmmm. Perhaps there is an implement of Mickey-Headedness for English muffins!


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