Peggy WHO?

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“Peggy WHO???

I was reading Billboard on Facebook and there was an article about Reese Witherspoon getting ready to play the title role in a new biographical film about the life of Peggy Lee. Betwixt and between the claims that Witherspoon will either tank or win an Oscar, someone asked, “Who is Peggy Lee?”

*collective gasp is heard amongst the online Disney community*

Quickly, a few of us reading that thread ran to YouTube and snatched up videos for this presumably young (and therefore forgiven) soon-to-be-Peggy-Lee-fan to fall in love with. Here’s my contribution – the making of the “He’s A Tramp” number from Disney’s Lady And The Tramp. Enjoy!

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This has been another fascinating episode of Tink’s *~*~* Links

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