The Goddess Graveyard Near Everest

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A temple lies in ruins near Everest, but the faithful still bring offerings to appease the local deities. I’ve blogged this scene before, but I don’t think I examined it very closely…


It looks like a goddess chop-shop around here! There’s even one goddess that’s accompanied by a (no doubt) sacred cow. She may be the only one that isn’t scattered about, legs over here, torso over there… I know better than to just assume these are random idols. Disney must have researched this! Someday, I’m going to figure out who all these goddesses are. I’ll get back to all uh y’all on that!
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9 thoughts on “The Goddess Graveyard Near Everest”

  1. There must be a story behind this goddess graveyard. And I see a calm water behind!
    Watery Wednesday

  2. The temple has a great & breathtaking background. There’s something mystical about the place & its ruins. I don’t know the goddesses shown here too but that adds to the exciting mystery waiting to be known. 🙂

  3. Disney does have a great research department and their attention to detail is always amazing. Guess that’s what makes it such fun to visit. I’ll be waiting to see if you find out more details on these poor dismembered goddesses.

  4. At first sight I thought you had been traveling. To the untrained eye and to one who has never been to that country, it looks so authentic. Beautiful photo!

  5. Disney really does a lot to attempt to make their displays as realistic as possible. There probably is a story behind the Everest display. I have not been to this part of Disney…it opened just after my last trip. I am going to have to visit again….maybe when our next non-FL guests come for a visit.

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