Southwest Florida: Scenes From Everyday Life

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It’s still rainy season here in Southwest Florida, which means we are still subject to the daily deluge. Here, a waterfall forms where the roof of the lanai meets the roof of the house. This is why I pick up “junk shells” from the beaches – I use them for erosion control! If I didn’t do that, there would be a big hole right there where the pavers meet the grass.


Here’s a sight of which I am somewhat proud. Ever since I switched to an organic lawn maintenance company, I’ve seen a few green anoles around my property. Green anoles are indigenous to the southeastern United States. They face enough of a challenge from the invasive brown anole, which comes from Cuba and other Caribbean islands. We don’t need to be further eradicating them through overly-ambitious applications of pesticides. Even though I don’t care for the presence of anoles on my lanai (they poop all over the place!), I still think it’s a good sign that some green ones are hanging around.

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18 thoughts on “Southwest Florida: Scenes From Everyday Life”

  1. This is my favorite post because it shows some of you. I understand your blog is about Florida lifestyle and vacations, but I want to see you! 🙂

    I wonder why the builders didn’t have the foresight to extend the pavers another foot? Good thing you are so smart and resourceful.

  2. We have a few of those in our yard, but lots of brown ones. 🙁

    OH……you can mark me up for the ‘Never Grow Up’ list. 🙂 You are right, as usual. LOL

  3. Gayle, that was actually MY bad – I had the option for a lanai across the entire back of the house but when I was looking for a few more thousand to upgrade my tile inside, I realized I could go for a 3/4 lanai and transfer that budget to my master bath. Big mistake, but I could not know at the time that the builder would refuse to supply a gutter in that “L” shape that shoots water off the roof. Coming from New York, I could not even have predicted that water WOULD shoot off the roof from an “L” shape! You live and learn. Now that housing prices are so depressed here, I am not sinking a penny into the infrastructure of the house. I will wait to see if things improve before addressing this…


  4. Your water photo made my smile (I have that same issue since hubs installed “gutter guards” which are worthless when you have locust trees with tiny leaves), but the anole photo made me laugh. You must have a great camera or lots of patience ~

  5. Hey goosh –

    I took that one with the phone in my camera. It’s 5 megapixels, and I just inched closer and closer to him VERY slowly so not as to scare him. And when I thought another inch would send him into the brush, I zoomed a little. He was a good little guy to be so patient with ME 🙂


  6. Well at least all the rain ought to help keep down the anoles droppings. Thanks for being critter friendly you are right they have enough stacked against them , Sharing our world helps to ensure survival for all of us.

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