Waiting For The Kilimanjaro Safari

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IMG_3021 Disney prides itself on attention to detail and authenticity. Each attraction in a Disney park is themed to evoke a place, an era, a culture that is unique and instantly recognizable.

Here are some shots taken in the queue for the Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando. The real Kilimanjaro is a mountain in a national park in Tanzania, just over the border from Kenya. The Serengeti is close by.

Yep, I’d say Disney did a good job with the authenticity – it’s definitely Africa hot in Orlando much of the year, especially in the summer! Make sure you’ve got something cool to drink while waiting in the queue.



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5 thoughts on “Waiting For The Kilimanjaro Safari”

  1. So cool! I haven’t been to Animal Kingdom but it’s first on my list for the next (hopefully soon!) Orlando trip. Tink, your photos always make me see things in a new way. Great shots!

  2. They must have one creative crew to come up with so many details to so many themes in such a large place. Something to really be appreciated.

  3. Aw, thanks! Animal Kingdom is my second-favorite park right behind EPCOT. If you love wildlife and nature, you will dig Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


  4. Martha, I think you are right – it’s all outdoors, there’s lots of vegetation stopping the breezes, and not enough fans in the queue. And I don’t think even ONE of them is a mister fan!


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