Filch’s Emporium at Hogwarts – it’s Fluffy! When you press the button…

…he snores! There’s also a Hedwig puppet with a swivel head. All out of Sorting Hat puppets – alas!

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Exited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – for today

I think they’ve made an error of scale in there. I know small and cozy is what merry olde English towns are like but it’s too small in there for the size of the crowd. You can’t even shop without standing in a line first. I didn’t even try to get near the castle. I’ll do that with the gang on Sunday.

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Hermione Granger’s wand – now mine :o)

I think Hermione’s wand is the most attractive. Second was Prof McGonnegall’s, with the crystal tip. I liked Hermione’s best, even better than my Celtic zodiac wand, which the CM told me is witch hazel heh heh heh.

Starting to get hungry again. Need to eat soon and eat light because we’ve got Cali Grill this evening.

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Butterbeer does not disappoint!

I could not make a habit of this because it is too sweet – but it’s a fine once-in-a-while treat. i would like to try a frozen one at some point, too.

I heard a woman on line disparaging the pumpkin juice, so now I’m-a-skeered to try it.

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Driving back to the hotel #Starwood #SPG #Orlando

Here’s a look at "Pearly Gates, Jr." at night. i got the school monkey off my back for a few days and tomorrow I am switching hotels, so I need to get my act together tonight. I’ll be moving to a hotel that’s closer to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure. Looking forward to my New York friends coming into town for some Wizarding World of Harry Potter fun this weekend!

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