Clown and cake carnage

Clown and cake carnage, originally uploaded by Erin aka Tink*~*~*.

Back at the ranch, Tootie carved up great honkin’ hunks of that HUGE coconut cake I won and wrapped them up for friends to enjoy. I had a petite honkin’ hunk of it, for which I shall pay on the treadmill tomorrow 😉 It is our friend’s birthday, but she is far away in California at the moment so we decorated my petite hunk and I blew out the candle for her.

I could not finish my hunk, petite though it was. Despite this fact, it was a great day spent with great friends! Many thanks to Kim whose idea it was to attend the Barista Challenge.

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One thought on “Clown and cake carnage”

  1. Well congrats on your win!

    And are you SURE you didn’t hoover up those last crumbs when you finished taking the pic? 😉 😀

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