Good Morning from Orlando

Good Morning from Orlando, originally uploaded by Erin aka Tink*~*~*.

Here’s a view from the balcony of my room. There’s a soothing little waterfall bubbling away down there, and on the other side of all that foliage is the pool. I think I must be on the east side of the hotel with my balcony facing west because it is still cool and shady out here with my coffee.

Today is going to be a little light on the touring because real life is intruding. I’ve been taking online classes at FGCU and the professor announced a midterm exam – right smack in the middle of my vacation! So I have to cram to prepare myself.

This is a bummer, but how bad could it be? I am in Orlando! I’ll be meeting Chez Bro and SIL in EPCOT circa lunch time today, so there will definitely be a little fun. For now – coffee and the shhhhushhh of the merry little waterfall below

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  1. Beautiful view. Maybe the view and splash of the fountain will help you study. That’s a bummer that you have to take a test smack in the middle of your vacation. Good luck on the test and have a ball at the W & F festival. Also at Harry Potter. I want to hear all about that!!

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