Scenes From Islands Of Adventure

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IMG_3947-Universal-IOA-Lucky-Monkey🙂 As mentioned last week, I’ll be heading off to Orlando (very SOON!). After a two year hiatus, I am very much looking forward to visiting the Universal parks once more, particularly Islands of Adventure, where the new Harry Potter-themed land has been open for several months now.

This photo of the sign for the “Lucky Monkey” shop was taken close to the entrance of the Universal Islands of Adventure theme park. I always thought the monkey on this shop sign was very cute, and I wished he was for sale. I think I want him! Maybe I could reconstruct him out of Tinker Toys or something like that – what do you think? I think he’d make a fine addition to my toy basket 😉

Here are a few more scenes from Universal Islands of Adventure that I think you’ll enjoy –


I believe the other side of this sign says “East Of The Sun” but I don’t seem to have photographed it so I’m just working from memory here. I do know that the part in the middle spins around and on the other side I suspect there’s a moon.


I remember taking this picture and having what I now realize was a premonition. I had the sense that I was preserving it in case it was ever destroyed. This was the ceiling of The Enchanted Oak, a counter service restaurant that has been torn down to make way for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The Enchanted Oak had THE BEST BBQ RIBS EVAH. It was in the shape of a hollowed-out oak tree, and the center trunk was open to the “sky”. So the stained glass window in the ceiling was “the sky” and it was beautiful to look at, especially when the sun hit it just so. I’m glad I got a shot of it before it was removed!

OK, well that’s it – the next time you see a picture of the Universal parks here on this blog should be sometime late next week – I will be mobile photo blogging LIVE from Walt Disney World and Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure starting Saturday October 23rd. So, stay tuned! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Scenes From Islands Of Adventure”

  1. Lovely place in the warmth of central Florida. I haven’t been, but hope to visit someday…

    I like the word ‘Shop’ here, as I expect to do some of that when I am there!

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