Tell Me What To Taste! At Disney’s Food and Wine Festival!

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Marketplace Kiosks | Epcot International Food & Wine Festival | Walt Disney World Resort

One more sleep! 🙂 Above is a link to the menu at the 2010 EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival.  I’ve often said that putting a lengthy menu in front of me is a bad move – I want to taste a little bit of everything, but since stomachs have limited capacity, I end up having a hard time deciding.

Therefore, I’ve decided that I’m taking requests!  Tell me what to taste. I will exercise the limitations of my own stomach capacity and do my best to taste any and all suggestions. I’ll send a photo here to the blog, too.

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6 thoughts on “Tell Me What To Taste! At Disney’s Food and Wine Festival!”

  1. So what did we eat today??? I got so hungry reading the menu that I ended up making a pot of beans and greens . . . didn’t know what adult bev to round it off though since I hate to open a bottle of wine just for me!

  2. I’d go for the Greek, baby! Greek food is da bomb. Tsingtao beer is quite tasty, too. The heirloom tomato salad actually has me salivating….once again, Tink, I am soooo jealous!

  3. Oh my goodness…how are you ever going to choose? (insert bug-eyed smiley here)

    I know that I would not be able to choose until I saw the actual kiosks…food handling techniques, you know. 🙂

    Oh, I do see Canada has a selection that comes with a Nanaimo Bar for dessert. You don’t strike me as a dessert person, but if you so inclined, you might see if they will part with just the Nanaimo Bar for a smaller price. And btw…it’s pronounced NAN-eye-moe

  4. The empenadas were a favorite last year. Looks like they changed the filling, you should try one and report back if it is still yummy.

  5. I’m having the same problem deciding, we’ll be there next weekend. When I started to budget I found I was going to spend as much for my adult beverages as I was for my food. I’ve heard the lamb chops are excellent. I’ve been wondering about the lobster roll and crab cake. I think I’ll use my eyes and nose to decide. There will be 3 of us so we can share and taste more food, I don’t know if I want to share my drinks.

  6. You have all given me some excellent suggestions – I am writing them down on the hotel notepad so I can take it with me during the week!


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