2 thoughts on “Augusten Burroughs, who does NOT need to suck in his stomach”

  1. Looks like (from all your photos) that you are throughly enjoying yourself. I guess I am out-of-the-loop at to what kind of student you are and if this is for credit or enjoyment. Would love some kind of indepth as to what’s going on. Or direct me to the post where you already told us and I’m an idiot! LOL

  2. This is THROUGH school, but not related to school, if that makes sense. I’m doing some graduate work at FGCU in corporate compliance, and I became aware that the university was hosting a writers conference on Sanibel – and that I could get a discount on the conference fee because I am a student there! Since I’ve always loved to write, I decided “why not?”. Stayed with friends (you “know” them”) to avoid an hour in each direction and $6 in tolls + gas every day. It was wonderful to be around writers. I would definitely do this conference again!


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