No more Disney Princesses?

Lenore Skenazy: Disney and fairy tales parting ways –

OK, Whose bright idea was it to hose down the world with a good, lethal dose of Princess-B-Gone? 😉

I think the reason “The Princess And The Frog” didn’t do well is because Disney shied away from truly marketing it in an all-out way.  After a few people lobbed accusations of race insensitivity their way, they kept it kind of low key.  That was pretty gutless of them but engaging full-on with their accusers would have brought publicity, which would have brought viewers to the theater.  My five year old niece LOVES “The Princess And The Frog”, so we know it’s not the material.

Mind you, I’m not opposed to producing films that appeal more universally to boys and girls alike.  I’m just a little annoyed that we finally get a princess who’s NOT actively engaged in the single-minded pursuit of her prince, a princess whose interests lie in the pursuit of her dream CAREER, and suddenly Disney decides they are out of the princess business.  OK, whatever 🙄

Best line: “Have they forgotten what they were put on earth to give us?”