A Tree Of Many Totems

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All around the Tree Of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there are paths you can wander from which you can view animals in their habitats as well as trees, flowers and the local wildlife that has been attracted to this lovely park. A key ingredient to that attraction is the abundance of water. It flows, it pools and it falls, over, through and between all manner of things built into the landscape. The whoosh of water is an ever-present lullaby in the background of this lush, jungle-like world. Let’s take a walk through it right now!


We’re inside a cave, with the water falling outside


The waterfall creates a constant, fine mist, which keeps things moist and encourages moss to grow.


Ooops, I think we’ve walked in on this giraffe taking a shower! 😉


It’s a tree of many totems…

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16 thoughts on “A Tree Of Many Totems”

  1. Your pictures got me in suspense mode! What an interesting creation Disney has provided for its tourists.

    We need to visit FL someday!

  2. It’s cool the way something artificial still has the ability to give life and greenery.

  3. Tink: Long time since I’ve stumbled on your site. I can see you are still wandering through Disneyland and are going strong. Hope you are still having fun. I really enjoyed catching up on your site.


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