5 thoughts on “Blind Pass is nearly CLOSED!”

  1. When I was there on December 4 the sand bar was just starting, maybe 4 feet wide or so. It got big practically overnight after a couple of big storms. Now it looks twice as big as when I left on January 1. Incredible.

  2. The weirdest thing about it is that on the bridge side, it is a steep “cliff” of maybe 1.5-2.0 feet down to the water. So the water rushing out of the bay down to the Gulf must be banging up against it but good when the tide is going out.

    There’s a part of me that’s happy about this. I remember standing on the bridge with Gary looking at the water when it was first flowing through there again, and both of us realizing that the place where we’d had the most awesome shelling piles was precisely in front of the bridge, where there was now water. So maybe our shelling piles will come back now!


  3. Is this the project where a lot of money was spent to remove the sand? Seems to me like it is a losing battle and a waste of money if that is the case.

  4. Yes, the very same project. It felt like forever that they had the machinery there and the parking lot on the Captiva side was closed.


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