[VIDEO] Look, up in that tree – it’s “Woody”!

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Pileated Woodpecker at Six Mile Cypress SloughWeek before last, I took a stroll deep into the swamp – the Six Mile Cypress Slough here in Fort Myers – and I heard a familiar sound. After looking around for a bit, I found him. He’s a pileated “Woody” woodpecker, with a ruby red crest on his head. Isn’t he beautiful? What a treat! Actually, I did even better than this – I got about a 10 second video of him before he moved around to the other side of the tree and out of sight. Sorry it isn’t longer, but that’s wildlife for ya – always doing just as they please, leaving us photographers fumbling to get something decent. I hope I see him again sometime when I go back. Enjoy!

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Lakes Park Is A Pretty Place

Lots of water fowl enjoy this place – just saw some moorhens and a pelican. Also a weird, fat black goose with a red head. But I am standing amidst a bunch of fire ant mounds to get this picture and I don’t want to stand here too long….

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Water Playground

Water Playground, originally uploaded by Erin aka Tink*~*~*.

Oh to be a child again! Well, it’s a little chilly yet this morning to be running through the spray, but later on when it hits 80*, I suppose some lucky younguns will be delighted. The sound alone is pretty soothing.

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Lakes Park in Fort Myers

Lakes Park in Fort Myers, originally uploaded by Erin aka Tink*~*~*.

I’ve never been to Lakes Park in the five years I’ve been living here. Since I just got my "AB" parking sticker in the mail from Lee County, I thought I’d check it out on this glorious February morning in Southwest Florida.

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The Great Fairy Rescue – what a cutie!

Long-time readers of this blog will know that I am a fan of "old school" Tinkerbell but not so much on the talking model with the back story. However, I can’t help but acknowledge what a cutie pie this little girl doll is. I think I might be adding another Disney character to my toy collection soon – even if she does come from a movie featuring the bogus model of my favorite pixie.

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Obligatory “Mickey In The Sky” shot

Just walked into Studios and I have a question for you. There were three teen boys on the opposite side of the (utterly theatrical and totally useless) bag check. They were all asked to take out their cameras and show them outside the bag, and one was asked to empty his bag entirely. Meanwhile, I am an adult female loaded down with electronics and I breezed through. Do you think this is age profiling at work? And if so, do you think it’s ok? Is it more ok than racial profiling? Why or why not? Not trying to start a war but I am curious. BTW, bag checker was black and female and maybe in her 40s; boys were all white. Just to completely describe the players.

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Pearly Gates for the last time

Until next month, that is. Another niece is coming to visit so of course, we need to visit Mouse Mecca 🙂

The family is having lunch in EPCOT and then proceeding to the Studios before heading out to MCO. I have just arrived at Studios and I am on the tram, trundling toward the gates.

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Your life was just not complete – until now!

Vinylmation pins – start your collection today! Yes, we know – you already collect pins and you already collect Vinylmation. But we’re just not done extracting that last dime from you. So g’wan – you know you want to 😉

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Wizarding World of Harry Potter is over capacity

They are handing out-window-of-time tickets just to get into that part of the park, never mind on the rides. we’re going to get some lunch.

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Shady waiting spot at Universal IOA

Found a abench in the shade to wait, near Guest Services.

it has now been about two hour since I got here and I am only barely inside the park gates.

I am not EVAH waiting on these people again (yeah I know, we’re related so it’s likely I will find myself waiting on them sometime again in the future. A girl can dream.)

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More Flower and Garden Festival prep

Belle and Beast agreed to pose for me. It was fortunate that some powerful lights were upon them. They were snuffed while I was typing this! Um, the lights were snuffed, not Belle and Beast LOL 😉
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