Chocolate cake from EPCOT’s France = not portable, much

My chocolate cake is smooshed but I bet it still tastes great. Of course I may be all bug-eyed and unable to sleep after indulging but that could happen these days without chocolate cake. I’ll takes me chances!

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Congratulations, Aida & Edwin! #marriedatdisneysboardwalk

Over where I crouched down to take a picture of the flowers, I found this artifact of a wedding that must have taken place today here at Disney’s Boardwalk. What a beautiful place for a wedding, and what a beautiful day they had for it!

BTW I think it must be a little bottle of bubbles – still sealed. Will leave it on the bench here where maybe an actual guest of the wedding will find it 🙂

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I see Hogwarts from my room!

Last time I was in Orlando, I decided that I was bored with the Sheraton Safari and that I liked the Four Points by Universal a lot. So I booked it on Starwood points for this weekend.

True, I will have to schlep a bit to get to Disney, but "free is good" – plus, Monday we are going to see Harry Potter, so I will be handy for that.

Now to freshen up and go meet Da Fam in EPCOT. Oh and that is Hogwarts dead center of the photo!

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